Since the foundation of Basmat Aladl Law Firm and Legal Advisory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under License No. (4311.07), we have provided a variety of pioneering and comprehensive legal services and advice, contracting with all local business sectors, and contracting with international commercial companies.

Several agreements of understanding and memorandums of cooperation have also been contracted and signed with a number of foreign law firms to exchange international interests in various fields. We are proud to deal with them and we are happy to serve our valued clients by providing integrated and distinguished legal services that meet the highest quality standards and achieve the aspirations and goals of our clients and exceed their expectations through optimal use of practical and cumulative experience and providing legal advisory services in innovative and unconventional ways that are characterized by leadership and creativity, and thanks to God, we have a number of distinguished clients who trust to work with us of individuals and companies to be private advisors for their business.

Our vision

To be among the distinguished law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a permanent basis, and we are keen to achieve the vision by continuously looking, attracting talents, and creating specialized departments to provide services according to the highest professional standards, achieving justice in society through legal education, and protecting and restoring the rights of their owners.


Basmat Aladl Law Firm and Legal Advisory aims to meet the needs of clients in a satisfactory manner by providing legal services with high quality and professionalism while continuing to keep abreast of various developments, preserving the privacy of clients and protecting the confidentiality of their data.

Values and Principles


The Company adopts the principle of transparency in dealing with its clients by providing each customer with a clear vision and study of his case or treatment, in which the strengths and weaknesses and the action plan that will be followed are indicated so that the customer can make the right and appropriate decision for him.

Client First

The Company is keen and makes every effort to take the customer to his true goal, which is to be achieved in the easiest and fastest way, by providing innovative solutions and means.


 Our Company takes into account the privacy of all its clients and does not disclose any information related to any client or disclose any documents except to the employee to whom the case is entrusted or in the event of a request by the concerned official authorities with a commitment to keeping all documents and papers related to the client in designated and safe places.


The Company provides its legal services to its clients with the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Company Services

The Company provides a number of legal services to governmental and semi-governmental agencies, commercial companies, government companies, establishments and individuals throughout the Kingdom and abroad. Where the company’s work team exerts maximum dedication in providing court legal work, by searching in scientific references and studying relevant laws, regulations and circulars with an extrapolation of precedents related to the same subject, and among the most prominent services provided by the company are:

  1. Pleading and defending before all courts of first instance and courts of appeal (general- commercial – administrative – labor – penal – personal status – execution)

  2. To follow up on compensation cases and transactions.

  3. Submitting executive bonds and commercial papers to the competent execution court and following them up until execution is completed.

  4. Objection to administrative and other decisions.

  1. Drafting, reviewing and auditing contracts, agreements, regulations and memorandums of understanding of all kinds.

  2. Preparing studies and providing legal opinion for all commercial, real estate and other transactions.

  3. Representation in negotiation and interest meetings.

  1. Guidance for choosing the appropriate legal entity for business.

  2. Foundation of companies of all kinds and obtaining the required licenses from the competent authorities.

  3. Foundation of closed and open joint stock companies.

  4. Amendment of articles of incorporation, transforming establishments into companies.

  5. Registration of commercial agencies and commercial franchise contracts.

  6. Corporate governments, mergers and acquisitions, compliance and restructuring.

  7.  Organizing the internal work of the sectors and restructuring them.

The Company’s team has experience in arbitration cases that are considered under the Saudi arbitration regulations, whether as arbitration members chosen by one of the parties of the dispute or as lawyers to represent our clients in such cases.

  1. Documenting the companies’ Memorandums of Association, amendment appendices, and the decisions of those with authority therein.
  2. Actions related to trademarks, patents and copyrights
  3. Properties transfer deeds.
  4. Issuing, documenting and terminating agencies.
  5. Documenting the financial statements.
  6. Documentation and release of the mortgage.
  7. All transactions related to documentation.
بصمة عدل للمحاماة والتوثيق والاستشارات القانونية

Benefits (Rental) of a Real Estate Broker:

  • Unification and documentation of contracts.
  • Facilitation of procedures.
  • Facilitation of litigation.

Obligations of a Real Estate Broker:

  • Accuracy and updating of data.
  • Ownership documents.
  • Documentation on the network.
  1. Registration and follow-up the patent application

  2. Registration and following up the copyright application

  3. Registration and following up the requests for integrated circuits

  4. Registration and following up for plant addition application

  5. Registration and following up for the trademark application

  6. Registration and following up for industrial models application

  1. Undertaking all sorts of negotiating and drafting points of view between the franchisor and the franchisee.
  2. Registering the trademark in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  3. Obtaining all related licenses.
  4. Drafting contracts related to commercial franchising.
  5. Preparing the disclosure documents.
  6. Rendering the due follow up in relation to the legal work of the trademark owner after granting the franchise if so required.
Pioneering Real Estate Management and Marketing We specialize in managing and marketing real estate properties and conducting real estate auctions using the latest marketing techniques and the highest quality standards of implementation. We strive to align with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 for a thriving economic society.

Comprehensive Legal Solutions

  1. Litigation and Dispute Resolution.
  2. Legal Consulting.
  3. Legal Drafting and Legislation.
  4. Corporate Formation.
  5. Legal Documentation.
  6. Wills, Trusts, and Estates.
  7. Legal Translation.
  8. Additional Services.

Contracting Mechanisms and Service Provision

1- Annual consulting contracts (concluding annual contracts through which a number of legal works are presented)

2- Case follow-up contracts (concluding a contract dedicated to following up a specific case until it is completed).

3- Assignment of specific works (to provide one work or specific groups of work of the previous legal services)

  • The fees are determined according to the volume of the case or transaction and the time and effort expended on it.
  • With regard to annual consulting contracts, their fees are estimated based on the volume of work and required services.

Client’s Journey Steps


First Station (Meeting)

A face-to-face meeting is held with the client either at the company headquarters, the client’s location, or via one of the modern communication methods to understand, comprehend, and discuss the topics, understand his requests, needs, and goals.


Second Station (Study)

Preparing a comprehensive legal study of the client’s lawsuit through the submitted document and the facts set forth therein, and reviewing the relevant regulations.


Third Step (the show)

Submitting a technical and financial proposal containing the work plan and the procedures to be taken, in addition to the value of the fees.

Fourth Step (Contracting)

In order to regulate the relationship between the Company and the client, a contract is concluded to determine the subject of the contract and to indicate all details related to the obligations, duties and responsibilities of each party, the specific fees and any other items that are agreed upon.

Fifth Step (Execution)

With clear and specific steps and agenda, tasks and actions related to the client’s issue are commenced with diligence and relentless effort.

Sixth Step (Communication)

Our policy of continuous communication with the client is to inform him of all the details according to periodic reports of all developments related to his subject.
بصمة عدل للمحاماة والتوثيق والاستشارات القانونية

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بصمة عدل للمحاماة والتوثيق والاستشارات القانونية
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